Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Make a Clay Mermaid Tutorial Part One

It is fun and fairly simple to take a humble lump of clay and transform it into a dazzling creature like a mermaid.  You do not have to be Michelango to create a mermaid.  I have broken down the process into easy to follow step and photos.

I use Sculpey clay.  You can purchase it for approximately $15 at any craft store.  You need to preheat your oven to 275 degrees and bake it for about 10 minutes.  Let it cool and gently slide a metal spatula under the mermaid to remove it from the cookie sheet.

I roll the clay into a ball for the head. You then smash it flat on an Airbake baking sheet.

Roll a small ball of clay and make it look like a snake.  Press the neck into the head.  You will need to constantly smooth out lumps.

Make a rectangular shape and press it into the neck.  Gently round the corners to create shoulder and narrow it down into a waist.

 You can make a heart shape for the tail and then roll two extra "snakes" for the fins.  I like to coil the "snakes" into the fins for a graceful effect.

 Next form 2 extra snakes for arms and press it into the shoulder area.

 Please stay tuned.  In a few days I will post instructions on how to form hair and a crown.

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