Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Leave a Legacy to Your Daughter

It's been almost one year since my sweet mom passed away. She was such a kind and gentle soul and she loved being a mom and grandma. Even though she's gone, she left me a precious gift and an everlasting legacy. Love. I know without a doubt she loved me with every fiber of her being. She wrote kind cards to me throughout my life, which I take out and read several times and treasure those words since I can longer speak with her. I would not trade those cards for any amount of money.

If you're a mom, take time to write love letters to your child. Hug her often and tell her you love her single day. Read that extra book and play that extra game with her. Childhood is short but memories and mementos keep us going in the roughest of times.

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One of my favorite photos of my beautiful mom.

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