Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cranium Hullabaloo Game Review

I use this game for my Girl Scout Troop and they love it.  I've also played it with just my daughter and we act silly and get some exercise in the process.

This giggle-inducing game encourages listening skills, creativity, and fast thinking.  You move from colorful shape to another by listening to instructions such as zooming to an animal, crawling to a food, etc.  Whenever Hullabaloo says freeze and if you're on the lucky square, you're the winner.

This game would be good for birthday parties, scout meetings, or just one-on-one time with your favorite girl!

This game is for ages 4 and up and does not require reading.

This game gets 5 stars in my book and I'm so glad we stumbled upon it.  I found it at Good Will for dirt cheap, but it usually retails between $20 and $30.

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