Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Affirmation Weaver Book Review

Mean children constantly belittle and bully children everyday and it's our job to build up strong and confident children. This is no easy task. I constantly tell my daughter that others will not believe in her until she believes in herself. 

I bought a book called Affirmation Weaver A Believe in Yourself Story by Lori Lite. It is about a young dolphin that does not believe in himself. The hermit crab is the known as the Affirmation Weaver. The author wrote, "He was a crab of very few words, but his intricate web brought joy to anyone that took a moment to sit still and enjoy its beauty."

The dolphin feels depressed and hopeless because he does not feel as smart and talented as the other dolphins. Different ocean creatures come up to the dolphin and teach him affirmations such as "I like myself. I am a gift to the world. I am creative. I believe in myself. I am happy. I can do it. I love myself." 

As the hermit crab hears each affirmation, he weaves each one into his web.

The dolphin and the creatures imagine absorbing all the positive thoughts. They picture how it would feel if they could move all of the uplifting words in the whole being. 

A sea child says to the dolphin, "Now you're beginning to feel happy inside. You have a smile you cannot hide. Say nice things while you laugh and play. Affirmations help you feel this way."

The dolphin swims straight up and jumps the waves with joy and does not compare himself with the other dolphins. This book sends a strong message and instructions on adding confidence and belief in yourself.

I rate this book 5 stars for its strong message and appealing graphics. It retails for about $15.

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