Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Tips for taking Exceptional Photos

I am not a professional photographer with top-of-the-line camera equipment.  Although I wish I was a fancy schmancy camera toting mama, I just have a simple digital camera.  People often compliment my photos and I credit that to some basic tips. 

I took a photography course at college and I came away with 3 invaluable rules that have really garnered a lot of compliments on my photos. 

  • First, it is visually interesting and more emotional to take close ups of your subject.  If I take a photo of my daughter in the backyard and include our fence, the neighbor's trees, the other homes, I have taken the focus off of my subject.  I would rather see her facial expressions, the little dimples in her hands, and her tight clutch on her favorite toy. 
  • Second, take assymetrical shots.  It makes for a more artistic looking photo to offset your subject. 
  • Lastly, get on the subject's level and take their photo.  Or try interesting angles.  One of my favorite photos is my daughter on a dock.  I got down on my stomach and kept slithering backwards to get a good view of her.  She is very tall, so I didn't get all of her, but I did get the details of the dock, her happy expression, and the gorgeous clouds.  All the details added up to a picturesque photo.
Please feel to leave comments or your favorite tips. 

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P.S.  I frequent http://www.picnik.com/ to edit my photos.  It has a lot of free editing features that really make your photos pop.

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