Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Simple Tips on How to Ask for Forgiveness

I finally apologized to one of our neighbors tonight.  I had snapped at him about a year ago and the guilt slowly nibbled away at me.  The perfect opportunity to apologize presented itself tonight in the form of a rambunctious puppy.

His dog ran up to me in my driveway and would not return to him.  For some reason, his dog really likes to hang out with me.  He had to come and carry his dog back home.  I then quickly said that I wanted to say I was sorry for being rude to him and he graciously accepted my apology and said he understood my reaction. 

I feel so much better now.  I do not have to cringe or look the other way when I pass him now.

Here are 3 simple tips on how to ask forgiveness:
1.  Be gentle in your tone and attitude.
2.  Just simply say you are sorry and why you are sorry.
3.  Do not ever point out the other person's flaws.  Accept full responsibility for your actions.

I feel a million pounds lighter now.

Thank you for stopping by ViBella!  Happy traveling today wherever you may go.  Whether it's a humble walk down your driveway to a neighbor or to your spouse's side of the room, just say you're sorry and move on.  The only way to travel is to travel light.


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