Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miss Smith Under the Ocean Book Review

Every kid dreams of having a teacher like Miss Smith.  Miss Smith carries a mysterious and incredible storybook with her.  When she reads from her incredible storybook, book characters come out of the book and sometimes the class gets transported to different lands.

Miss Smith's ordinary name belies her appearance.  She has bright tangerine hair that sticks straight up and she likes to wear a black leather jacket with pins of her favorite bands like The Clash and U2.  

She takes her class to an aquarium and the kids get to meet Moby Dick, a mermaid, Captain Nemo, pirates, and many other amazing characters.  Will the kids escape unscathed from the wild hodgepodge of characters and the chaos that ensues from combining them?  

The Irish author and illustrator, Michael Garland, writes with wit and illustrates with equal talent and stunning detailed artwork. Michael Garland's Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook won the California and Delaware State Reading Awards.  This book will keep you and your child entertained and engaged throughout the whole story.

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