Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Organize an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

I googled ideas for a scavenger hunt and tweaked the list for my Daisy Girl Scout troop.  The girls will look for the items at an elementary school's playground. 

Here is a simple list of 15 items that young children can easily find on their own. 

I copied the list below for you.

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  Scavenger Hunt


      List of Things to Find
1.      Look for something soft.
2.      Find a plant with leaves.
3.      Find something put here by people.
4.      Find something cold.
5.      Find something tall.
6.      Find something short.
7.      Look for something with cracks.
8.      Find something that floats.
9.      Find something that smells good.
10.  Find something pointy.
11.  Find something brown.
12.  Find something green.
13.  Find something hard.
14.  Find something slippery.
15.  Find something with stripes.

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