Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Make Butter With Kids

This is a fun and easy activity to do with your child.  You will need whipping cream, salt, and a baby food jar or any glass jar with a lid like a mayonnaise jar or a Mason jar.

1. Pour the whipping cream into the jar.
2. Tighten the lid and strongly shake the jar for 10 minutes.  The cream will separate into a liquid (buttermilk) and pale yellow clumps of fat (the butter).
3. Spoon the butter into a bowl.
4.  Use a wooden spoon because a metal spoon will ruin the butter's taste.
5. Rinse the butter with water until the water is clear.
6. Lightly salt for taste.

Laura and Mary Ingalls used to have to pound the churn's dasher up and down for a long time. Pioneer children used to sing: "Come butter, come Peter's standing at the gate waiting for a butter cake. Come butter, come." to pass the time.

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